Workflow dynamic data reset [SOLVED]

Hello, dear Community! Is there a way to clear execution (dynamic) data within one run of workflow?
I have a looped scenario, which iterates data (with pagination) and send it to bigQuey. On every run (not the run of workflow but the run which is showed by the $runindex) I would like to clear execution-RAM(?) data to optimize the load on hardware. There is no need to save exection details or procceses data for the next looped execution as it would be unloaded to external database (bigQuery). Am I right that having SplitInBathces Node with Reset option toggled ON is enough for such case or do I need something additional? I’m adding picture of my workflow for illustrative purpose :slight_smile:

Big thanks for your help!

No, that is sadly not possible. All data of an execution stays in RAM. In your case, it is best to separate it into two different workflows bu using the Execute Workflow Node. You can find more information about it here:

Just make sure that the last node of the called workflow does not return any data, else it will spill back into the main workflow and you would be back where you started.

Hope that is helpful!

Yep, thanks for the idea for workaround for such case :+1:

Glad to hear that it was helpful. Have fun!

Hi, @jan I think I was not fully able to convey the meaning of the problem. It was solved by the setting below:

Many thanks!

Ah yes, that option is by default turned off. If you turn it on, it will for sure increase memory usage by a lot. Thanks for sharing.