Workflow error in QuestDB node

I have created a workflow to calculate OEE by fetching data from QuestDB. And this is my workflow:

The problem what I’m facing is, while clicking on “Execute Workflow”, it stops at QuestDB node and gives an error meassge as “ERROR: Invalid date”.

And once again when I execute the QuestDB node alone, where the error occurred, it executes and gives output.

Is it the problem with fetching realtime data? Because, I have already created another workflow to calculate OEE for historical data in QuestDB.

Hi @Meghna_jose, welcome to our community!

I’m so sorry you are running into this behaviour. I did manage to reproduce this on my end. A simple workaround that did the trick was using parameters instead of injecting an expression into the query string like so (I have slightly adjusted the query to match the data in my QuestDB test instance):


Example Workflow

Would this work for you?

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Hi @MutedJam ,
It works for me. Thanks a lot for the help.