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Hi all, I have a general question about the cancellation of a workflow execution to determine the best implementation.

How the “Stop current execution” exactly works?

  • Does it interrupt any ongoing routine/call?
  • Does it wait for the current(s) node(s) to finish?
  • If there’s ongoing HTTP request, does it interrupt the request?
  • It there any hook associated to a cancelled execution?

I’m trying evaluate the efficiency of this “emergency button” to adapt the my workflow and the userflow associated.


Hi @_jd, n8n checks between nodes whether an execution should be stopped. So it does not interrupt a running operation, but waits for the current node to finish (an actual interruption could only be achieved by killing the respective n8n process).

From taking a quick look at Configuration | n8n Docs, there doesn’t seem to be a hook specific to cancelled executions I am afraid.

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