Workflow execution list

n8n is great
i use it for local develop cron task for a while
but a few days latter
workflow execution has too much content,
recommended to collapse

Welcome to the community @canvs and great to hear that you enjoy n8n!

What do you mean with it has to much content? It should display only the first few and load the others only if you scroll down.

Also is it recommended to only save the failed executions. This can be set in the workflow settings or globally as default for all workflows like described here:

As alternative should old executions be deleted regularly manually because else it will obviously keep on growing forever and that could become a problem at some point.

It is on the road-map to make it possible to auto-delete old executions after X days to make that simpler.

Thanks for your reply
I accidentally turned it on :joy:
looking forward to the new feature
you guys are awesome :+1: :+1:

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