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Hello, I was navigating to the Executions screen and was surprise to see that one workflow is still running after long hours despite the fact it does not have any infinite loop.

I can’ stop it, it fails.

I don’t know what to do. It’s not a big deal for me but I don’t want to use CPU for nothing…

Hi @G-Rom, chances are this workflow is no longer running, but n8n is unable to tell (for example because your n8n instance was restarted or crashed during the execution).

You could simply delete the execution manually from your database to get rid of this entry in the execution list.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m using n8n cloud, so I’m not sure I can delete it by myself?

It’s not a big deal if it does not consume cpu on your side and that’s just a UI bug.

I couldn’t find an n8n cloud account under your forum email @G-Rom, but if you drop us an email at [email protected] from your n8n cloud email we’re happy to remove that old execution for you :slight_smile:

Oh yes, you’re right. I used an alias for the forum. I updated it to reflect my email in n8n cloud (will be easier for your team).

I’ll send an email to the support.

Thanks for your help.

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Sweet, I’ll pass this on to the cloud engineering team to have the execution with ID 218 from your screenshot removed.

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