Workflow not continue when the node showed "No text data found"

Hell guys :wave:t2:

I’m wondered why my workflow is not continuing to the next node whereas it goes on the true branch (that’s the behavior I want).

Thanks for the help

Hi @Louis_Uguen, welcome to the community!

The IF Node would show this particular message when there are no items in the respective output path:

Based on your description I would assume you don’t have any items in the output path either. Can you share the output from your Salesforce node (minus anything confidential, of course) and the condition(s) you are checking in your IF node?

Hey ‘MutedJam’ - thanks for the answer!

I’ve an output :

So it should go to the false condition, so this node:

Is the “not found” the issue?

Got it, thanks for sharing these screenshots!

I gave this a go on my end and even with an empty item like you have shared in your screenshot and an expression returning [not found], execution would continue from the false output onwards to a Salesforce node.

So I think this might be specific to your workflow and/or n8n version. Would you be able to confirm the version of n8n you are running and share the workflow? You can just copy the underlying JSON structure using Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C or follow these steps from the docs. Just make sure to delete any confidential information before posting.

Thank you!