Workflow not proceeding after Postgres Update action

I am currently running a workflow that will pull data from a postgres db → split it in batches → function to massage the data → use it to update records on another service → and then update those same postgres records to indicate that they have been handled. It should then wait a period of time (with a Function node) before cycling back to the Split in batches node. The issue is that, when I run the update query at the end, it does not proceed to the wait function. The posgres node uses Execute Query. I’m assuming this is because the update query doesn’t return anything and thinks there is no need to proceed? Is there a way I can get it to proceed in this manner?

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Yes exactly that is the reason.
If you want to proceed no matter what you can simply select in the node under “Node” (right from “Parameters”) the option “Always Output Data”.


Perfect! Thanks for the clarification. I had missed that option in the Node tab for some reason.

Your are welcome. No worries is for sure not the easiest to find.