Workflow only loads partially

When I open up a workflow in 0.199.0, I often see this:

The workflow only show some of the nodes and then the error message “Init problem”. It’s a bit scary because you think that the entire workflow is lost, but after refreshing it reappears fully.

Hi @systemaddict, this looks scary indeed and I am very sorry for the trouble. Does this happen only with certain workflows or all of your workflows? Any helpful error messages in your browser console?

I’m not really sure - Let me get back with more info the next time I see this happening.

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I’ve seen this on an instance from one of my clients as well. This is an older version.
There were some nodes on that with issues. Since the issue with the node was fixed I haven’t seen it happen anymore.
Do you have any community nodes in this workflow @systemaddict ?

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No, I don’t think so. But surely a lot of nodes that weren’t touched for a long time. But now you say it, I think I did see the same error when I tried to import a full community workflow through copy/paste (the github backup flow), but now I can’t reproduce it again.

That is a workflow without any custom nodes I think. So that shouldnt be causing issues.
Maybe because old versions of nodes were used in those, that could have something to do with it.