Workflow restarts itself resulting in numerous messages

This Workflow uses the MQTT Trigger … which parses the message on start of the workflow instead of waiting for an update. I’ve had multiple message blocks with about 10 consecutive messages in my Pushover log.

Hey @daniello,

I will try to replicate the issue and get back to you on it. Is there anything specific that you’re doing that I should take care of?

No … I just noticed the noise in my logs.

Hey @daniello,

I created 2 workflows to replicate this.

  1. The first workflow runs every 10 seconds and pushes data to a topic.
  2. The second workflow uses the Trigger node, and executes the workflow when a new topic gets pushed.

I couldn’t get to replicate your issue. Could it be possible that there were some messages still in the queue that were not processed and the node processes these messages?

Both the workflows that I created were active.

Chances are it is not a restart problem but a bounce problem. I just posted this result in the other thread. The intial restart could have been caused by an n8n update … which should (if at all) have resulted in 1 message.

  1. Deactivate the workflow and delete all pushover messages
  2. I activate the worklow → 2 true pushover messages (true is correct)
  3. I send false → 1 false message
  4. I send true → 1 true message

Forget about the restart itself please … it could be my wrong perception.
I just updated to 137.

What I do notice is that each time I turn off/on the workflow I immediately receive two messages with iobroker’s field value.

Hey @daniello,

In my test I couldn’t reproduce this issue. Looking at the code, support was added for SSL/TLS 5 days ago, but I don’t see any other changes that were made to the node. Can you share the credentials via DM so that I can try it on my end?

This involves pushover and ioBrokers mqtt adapter. Not sure what credentials you mean.

Hey @daniello, closing this topic since we resolved it here: MQTT Triger uses present value when workflow starts - #15 by daniello