Workflow stats

The idea is:

Display various stats for n8n work. For example:

  • Total amount of workflows
  • Amount of active/inactive workflows
  • Schedule diagram (that displays all workflows that has a cron/interval node in a diagram splitter by time frame (hour/day/day of the week/month/ etc)

Execution performance:

  • Execution time / memory consumptions / storage consumptions per execution
  • min/max/avg time/memory/storage consumptions per workflow in a time frame (week/month/etc)

My use case:

We have about a hundred of workflows and now is started to get painful. The database with 30 GB storage can be overflow in a 5-6 days, we don’t know what workflows and well designed and what are needs to be optimized to reduce memory/storage/time consumption as we don’t have any metrics to calculate.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It is very useful for workflow analyzing if you have a dozens of active workflows.

Hi @barn4k, thank you for your suggestion. This is similar to A nice dashboard for the home screen - Feature Requests - n8n, so linking it for visibility. Currently, you would need to query the database directly to get such metrics or use the REST API (and then analyze the data manually).

As for you large database size, is there a chance you have stored large amounts of old execution data? n8n can help with cleaning this up as described here: Execution data - n8n Documentation (this can take a very long time though for large amounts of data, so you might want to enable this outside of your core business hours). When using SQLite make sure to also check the “Keep in mind” box at the bottom (this operation also requires additional disk space when running as your data is essentially copied in a new database file before the old one is deleted).