Workflow stops when Shopify Regular Node gets Only 1 result

Just wanna know if you have any idea why my workflow would not proceed further when I am only getting only 1 result from my Shopify regular node? but when i make it 2 results it works fine. Weird

Without seeing the workflow and the nodes on which it stops the question is sadly impossible to answer.

Here is the workflow and where it stops.

I guess the value (the only one) you are looking for does not exist in the Google Sheet. For that reason there is not output and so the workflow stops.
If you want that it continues, no matter if there is data or not, you can select under “Settings” (right of “Parameters”) the option “Always Output Data” on the node “Look for Value in Sheet”. Then it inserts an empty item in case the node does not output any data so that the workflow continues.

That, however, means that all the data the next node will get in this case is:

    json: {}

So depending on what the “Check_if_its_there” nodes does exactly that could be a problem.

okay @jan Thank you so much!

You are welcome. Hope it helped.

Have fun!

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So I now understand that this Lookup Node stops when the value isn’t present but continues if it’s there. Found out that adding an Option and making it “Continue if Empty” solves my problem and now it continues! hahahaha.