Workflow Templates - custom library

First of all, I’m super excited about the new Workflow Templates feature on 0.165.0+! This is really going to streamline use of N8N at my company.

Even more exciting is that the source for the workflows is customizable through environment variables! If I’m not mistaken, that means I could provide my own list of workflows, specific to whatever crazy use case I can come up with, and have that appear instead of the default source found at

My question is, is there any documentation yet on what a custom template provider would need to look like? Ideally, it be great if there was a repo for this I could just spin up, but if there is a data model or API definition, I’m happy to work on building out a tool that implements it.

Great work, N8N team!

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Hey @Ian_Walls,

There is currently no documentation for this one at the moment as the feature is still fairly new so we want to make sure everything is working as expected and iron out any possible issues first.

For now what I have done is converted this to a feature request which seems a bit odd as the feature itself is there but it would be handy to track how many users are interested in this so we can prioritise creating the docs over other doc changes if the demand is there.