Workflow turns to unknown state when Google Drive node gets executed


I’m working on a workflow to upload video file from Google Drive to YouTube when webhook is triggered from Google sheet. The files are usually above 250MB.
The workflow was triggered 11 hours ago and it is still showing status as Unknown and the file is not uploaded to the site.
Why is the workflow in Unknow state and how to work around it to solve the issue?


I assume it is unknown because the n8n process crashed as the large file probably made n8n run out of memory.

So possible solutions:

  • increase the memory that is available to n8n
  • decrease the file size if possible (probably not, but still worth mentioning)
  • wait a few more weeks as we are currently updating how binary data gets processed inside of n8n. It will then be possible to also work with larger files with lower memory requirements
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How do we increase memory for n8n, we are using n8n cloud

The only way to increase memory on cloud is by choosing a larger plan as larger plans come with more RAM.