Workflow version control

The idea is:

Create version control for workflows

My use case:

Having version control for workflows allows us to revert to known good state. Right now this is not possible and I am always afaird I will break things.

Any workaround for this issue right now?

Right now, I have workflows pushed to a github repo and bash script automaically checks for changes every few hours. in the event I messed up something I can revert back by looking at the changes or copying the json back to workflow.

To be honest - this is a hard constraint for my company. We were internally discussing this to some extend and thought this might be a very easy usecase for git :slight_smile: It would be a very big plus for using n8n over some other tools we are analysing right now.

With an internal git-like use to version the workflows it would be possible to track who changed what in which workflow. I guess with shared workflows this will become a big issue for several people.

I’ve been experimenting with using the execute node to trigger a workflow directly in our repo on gitlab so that I can set up a release process from staging to production, revert changes, etc. Still some manual work involved in setting up new nodes/work around credential issues and such.

We have a similar workflow that gets triggered every hour and updates any new changes to git repo. In the event of a screwup, we go back and copy paste the json into the workflow and pick and choose the nodes that needs to be restored.