Workflows "gone" after setting up user management


Hey guys,

I updated from 0.16x to the current version and set up user management afterwards.
It’s self-hosted and deployed directly with npm, not docker.

Now all my workflows are “gone”, means I can’t see them in the UI.
But I can see error messages on the logs:

Error Logs

Try to activate workflow "Export Stock" (30)
-> Activation of workflow "Export Stock" (30) did fail with error: "Cannot read property 'user' of undefined" | retry in 256 seconds

Do I have to make some kind of migration, so my newly setup user will be the workflow owner or something like that?

Thanks in advance

Hey @JaschaL,

All of the workflows should be assigned to the owner, I am aware of one case where this may not work. Did you at some point upgrade to a version of n8n with User Management then downgrade to an earlier release to fix an issue?

Hey @Jon ,

no, I always upgraded, never downgraded until recently.
Yesterday, I restored the “old” version from before, and started upgrading step by step, always only some minor versions up.

I’m currently on version 0.179.0, so user management feature is available now, but I did not activate it yet. So i’m still on BASIC AUTH, and I still can see my workflows.

Probably I did too many updates and migrations at once.
I will keep updating step by step until I’m at the latest version.

I will close this question, if I have the problem again, I will ask again :slight_smile:


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Got released with [email protected]

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