Worklow running forever

Hi, 2 of our workflows are executing forever, (see screenshots).
What is it due to?

Thanks so much for your help,

Please fill in the information about your instance. It could for example be that no workers are running if you are running in scaling mode or it could be something completely different. Also we cannot view your cloud instance. (maybe the n8n team can but other community member cannot) :slight_smile:

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Hi @oly-dev, I am so sorry for the trouble.

What has most likely happened here is that your n8n cloud instance has crashed during the execution of these workflows, based on your previous issues I suspect this is due to the limited memory available on n8n cloud.

In this case the execution would have a start date, but no end date and no final status. That said, I would have thought there is logic for automatically removing such executions by now. @micha I believe you were previously looking into the logic around the execution status, perhaps you can take a closer look at this when you’re back next week?

In the meantime, perhaps you want to upgrade to the latest version of n8n via the n8n cloud dashboard @oly-dev and confirm if the problem still persists for new executions started after the upgrade?

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