Workspace Offline - Not working after registration

Hey folks,

I’ve just registered to N8N and for unknown reasons, my Workspace doesn’t want to RUN.
I haven’t even yet been able to open or get into it… and I keep restarting it. It just doesn’t work…
Have I missed a step during my registration process? Hopefully, someone from support and shed light on this for me, please.


HI @TerryMAO, welcome to the community!

I am so sorry for this. It seems we’re currently having problems with provisioning new resources in our data centre. Our cloud engineering team is currently investigating the situation and we will provide an update as soon as we know more.

Right. That makes sense.
OK, I will wait and sit tight.

Thanks @MutedJam for letting me know and I hope that will be solved promptly.


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Thank you so much for your understanding @TerryMAO. As a quick update, it appears the problems are coming down to one of the managed components in the Azure data centre used by n8n cloud. Our own engineering team has reached out to Azure about this, I’ll keep you in the loop on this one.

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Hi @TerryMAO, I already got back to you via email yesterday, but wanted to update the forum thread as well for visibility: The faulty component in the Azure data centre is now working again and new resources are being provisioned as expected.

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Thanks for letting me know. Case closed.

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