Would it be possible to share the Electron App (n8n one) source code with the community

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Is there any reason why the source code of the electron app is not shared with the community?

Hi @ramacorp, welcome to the community!

I’ve converted your question into a feature request so other users can vote on this (don’t forget to vote yourself either).

For the time being, the resources\app folder of the desktop app’s installation directory already contains the relevant code to view.

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To better understand your request, can you please share with us what you want to do so that you need access to that code?

Hi @jan just wanted to build my own desktop app with my forked code and also maybe extend the desktop app when needed.

Hi @jan any chance we can have the desktop app code available?

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Hey @ramacorp,

I have had a check internally and at the moment there are no plans to make the source publicly available for the Desktop App at the moment as there is no documentation and we would only be able to offer very limited developer support which isn’t ideal.

As @MutedJam mentioned though the source is in the resources/app folder already it is only really missing some markdown files and the npm scripts to build, If you do want those markdown files as the full package.json though drop me a DM and I will see what I can do.