Would n8n be a good base for an approval pricess?

As a beginner, I wonder if n8n might be a good base for something like an approval flow.
Perhaps there is somewhere an example I can study? I have not found it yet…

Other than that, perhaps you might have implementation hints?
Let’s say, I want to create an approval process based on a already ocr’d PDF file appearing in a NextCloud folder. (I want to host as much as possible myself… so I would like to reduce the use of Google or the like…)…

There is no NextCloud trigger, thus I would use Cron to check the folder for new files. How would I check the new file from the folder list? I guess with the function node (although I am not really a programmer).

If I find a new file, depending on the location, I want to initiate an approval process. One way would be to place the file into a website and send out an approval request to specific people with a link pointing back to the file. Perhaps I should use the NextCloud location? Or might there be another interesting integration?

How would I maintain the list of approvers that need to be involved? Let’s say I have 3 different approval flows with partially overlapping approvers.

How would I keep track of approved documents?

And there are other questions…

But before going too deep into this… does n8n male sense at all to be used for something like this?


I meant “process”, of course…

Could the spelling error be a reason why nobody seems to be interested in this?

Welcome to the community @DanielH!

Yes, I am very sorry. To questions that can be answered within a few minutes, I can respond very fast between calls or tasks. If it is a long complicated question (like yours sadly is) that is not possible as I very rarely have long stretches of time available. Do my best to get to it at some point in the next days if nobody else gets to it first. Really very sorry for that!

Hi @DanielH,

Is NextCloud node mandatory? One alternative is using an Amazon s3 or Dropbox node to save the documents.

Tracked documents and approvers could be saved to Google sheets or Airtable too.

So, everything can be done with n8n.

The most important thing is define all the flows properly.

But a basic solution usually doesn’t need coding.

Thanks @Miquel_Colomer,
I am looking for something that can be self-hosted as much as possible. That’s why I came across n8n.
I do have NextCloud already, which provides folders that contain the documents to be approved.
What is missing is a tool/process that asks a variable list of people to approve. If the document can be shown at the same time, that would be great. Then, after approval/non-approval, the document needs to be moved to another folder.
Overall a very simple process, I think.

Hello @jan,
No worries. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Hi @DanielH,

For instance, every hour you can check if there are new files on NextCloud. If any file is new, you can send an email, and add links to approve the new document. But it makes sense if it fixes your use-case.

It’s a simple flow as you said but all the steps must be very well defined using existing services in n8n.

Hope this helps.

Thanks to all.
I decided to use n8n for other things.