Xero oauth2: dropping connection

I am having issues with keeping the Oauth2 connection with Xero which I didn’t a few versions back.

Is this a general issue or just my instance?

I get the below but if I run the https://api.xero.com/connections with the same credentials (not reconnected) I do get the instances I am connected to.

It works re-running the flow after I reconnected the credentials though.

      "Detail":"TokenExpired: token expired at 12/07/2022 12:26:15",

@Jon I know that you have good experience on Xero.

I am using the same credentials for getTenant as I am for createContact. GetTenant get a full response whereas createContact get an expired token message.

It’s really weird and I have no idea why this is happening. Always works if I reconnect, then re-run the failed execution (but only for 30 minutes off course).

I am using the pre-defined Xero oauth which has the scope offline.

Hey @ericsonmartin,

What version of n8n are you running? It sounds like something we fixed in 206 with oauth credentials not refreshing correctly.

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I’m on 206 since Friday but actually in the afternoon today, it seems like it has worked to keep the connection.

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Hey @ericsonmartin,

So is it all good now or are you still having problems with it?

Definitely seems fixed. Not sure why it wasn’t immediate as I upgraded though. But less important to figure out.


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