Your own Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS technology allows you to give your home network PC or server a permanent address on the Internet. Internet service providers change your IP address on a regular basis, but with dynamic DNS you can keep your domain name pointed to the current IP address of your home server or other devices.

With the help of /, ipify and the following workflow on one of your machines in your local network, you can keep the IP address up-to-date.

First of all, you need to create an account with, setup your Dynamic DNS Service and get your API Key.

You need this information for the HTTP Request node where the IP address can be updated via Dynu DNS’s IP Update Protocol ( IP Update Protocol | Free Dynamic DNS )

The rest of the workflow is relatively straight forward; get the external IP address, check the DDNS’s IP address, and if they do not match, then update the IP address.

And yes, Dynu also has IP Update Clients, but I just wanted to refresh my basic skills in n8n :wink:


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