Youtube Integration Help

Heyy Guys,

im trying to upload video to my youtube channel from a spreadsheet
It works but but its uploaded its “private” and i cannot change it :

You’ll need to re-upload the video via a verified API service or via the YouTube app/site. The unverified API service can also apply for an API audit.

To ensure your video isn’t locked private again, don’t post content that:

  • […]
  • Has been uploaded by an unverified third party API service.

How can verify the API thought google console without a valid domain?

Hey @Kevin_Dufraisse,

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As the message suggests you will have to verify the credential app you’re using. This is sadly out of scope and not related to n8n. This question is more related to Google Cloud Console.

But to help you with this, you can submit the application via the Google Cloud Platform, from where you can submit the application. This is however a long process and may require some security checks by Google.

Hello @harshil1712 thank for your warm welcome :slight_smile:
and thank you for your answer, okay i checked on internet and ask to google but if you know how can i validate the domain as the URL is a local one :confused:

With localhost you won’t be able to get it verified as far as I know. You will need to have a domain.