Youtube OAuth2 Connection

Hi, I’m trying to create my first workflow using the Youtube API. I have successfully created my credentials on the Google Cloud Platform, but when I click on sign on google and after the authorization stage (screenshot here), I get a pop-up asking me to enter a username and a password (screenshot here). Which credentials should I use there? (I have tried to use my n8n account credentials and my Google Account credentials, but it’s not working.)

Any ideas of how I can fix it? Thanks

PS: I’m using the n8n desktop app on a Macbook Air.

Gu @moniquebma, welcome to the community :tada:

This is indeed a peculiarity of the desktop app - it randomly generates these credentials to secure the tunnel it opens (which allows external services like YouTube or Google to send data to your local computer). You can find them as described in this post:

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thanks for the help, my connection works now!

Maybe this should be indicated somewhere in the documentation? maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere…

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Glad to hear this is working!

You’re absolutely right here, I’ll add a quick hint towards this to our documentation. @ivov is also considering making the credentials available in-app to make this easier: