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Dear all,

I have a working scenario with the kindly posted Zoho Crm get all leads module, from a Amuhdam https://n8n.io/workflows/552

The question is, I have been looking into accessing any modules within Zoho CRM like contacts, sales orders, accounts etc etc and I do not understand in which way I can configure this module

In Integromat, when I connect through Oauth2 like in Amuhdam module, there is a list of modules I can access with, because I connect with the zoho console SELF-MADE API, but in here I do not seem to be able to achieve that. I mean I see nothing that opens a door to do the handshake with the API of zoho.


Hey @ticservei!

Sorry, I couldn’t understand your question correctly. But if you’re looking to connect your Zoho CRM with n8n you can learn to do that on the documentation page. Let me know if it is something else :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Harshil

Could it be that I cannot connect via API, when I am testing with LOCALHOST and or a LOCAL DOCKER instance?

Because all my problems connecting to the API where under those circumstances.

Is there a way to connect to the outside world, in this case to the Zoho API, from a local environment with LAMP?



I followed all the documenation, which is kind of short, and no luck

I can only access to the zoho LEADS module
I cannot see CONTACTS, SALES ORDERS, ACCOUNTS or any other module in the CRM

The NODE you have in n8n its only hardcoded for LEADS, how can I change this?

I cannot even see a place to introduce the client_ID and Secret, in your n8n Node (consume zoho crm api)


Hey @ticservei!

I just checked the node, and you’re correct the node currently doesn’t support Contacts, Sales Orders, Accounts, and other such modules. I guess you are the first user that needs those modules! Can you create a Feature Request for these modules and explain your use-case? This will help us make sure that when we implement them, we cover the use-cases.

In the meantime, you can use the HTTP Request node to interact with your Zoho CRM. You can refer to the API documetation.

Let me know if you need further help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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An updated Zoho CRM Node with many more resourced got released with [email protected]

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