Zoho CRM nodes [GOT CREATED]

Dear all,

We are a company that provide Zoho training and implementation.

A few customers are now approaching us asking for data integration.

We cannot so far use your platform as there is only one zoho connector and only works for leads.

We are very much interested into having a zoho crm node for all modules of the crm, plus the booking app, inventory, analytics and so on. Bust for now we have a few for the zoho crm only.

As we do not have yet the knowledge nor the resources to produce our own nodes, we would like to know if anyone is interested in doing so.

It is not a job offer, as we already have programmers that could do it for a price tag. Its just a toss of a coin, so that we ALL can benefit from such NODES.

Thankyou all

That would be quite some work. I would create different feature requests for each Zoho service and add the endpoints that are needed to cover your use case.

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I would like to help as much as I can. I can in someway, but if there is anything I can do for you please ask.
I have certain degree of programming knowledge in PHP, and can fiddle and dribble with Javascript. I mean data structures, arrays, OOP, functions etc, I can do (would take me longer hours than a Junior coder).

Anyway, I am glad to see that it can be done.

Zoho has millions of users that need to have some kind of data relationship with other ERPs and data resources, so It would be great to have the necessari nodes to create,get and upsert from and to.

I know that someone is looking into webhooks since this week, to have event driven triggers from zoho outwards, so that and this would be a powerful swissknife for zoho in n8n.

Thanks a lot!

Ahhh I wanted to say I would. Not sure I have the time to tackle all of them. But the easier everything is explained the more chances of being develop.

Can you please share the exact functionality you will need for each zoho service. For example you say zoho booking? But what do you need from zoho booking exactly? Retrieve? Create? Etc

Updated Zoho Node got released with [email protected]