Zoho update/reload lead fields

I have a working connection for Zoho leads.
But now I have added new fields in Zoho, but how to reload the fields in n8n?

I tried reconnecting but that doesn’t make them appaear.
I also get an error Parameter "Lead ID" is required. but I also don’t see that field.

What am I missing?

Welcome to the community @Markk

You should be able to set them using custom fields. You can find custom fields under additional fields.

Ah yes those are the missing fields.

However I can’t figure out how to create a Lead ID that seems to be required but can’t set it anywhere.

Are you creating or updating a lead?

I noticed the error is when creating, but not updatecreate… that does not make sense to me?

I just tested it, and it worked fine for me. Is it possible that you, by mistake, set the Lead ID as required in the Zoho lead properties?