Zoom meeting and time zones

Hi again! I’m having a hard time with getting Zoom meetings to work with the right time. I ask the Zoom module to set up a meeting with a start time of 2021-12-28T13:30:00-08:00 with the time zone set to Pacific Time (America/Los_Angeles), and when executed it shows up as 2021-12-29T05:30:00Z America/LA. (see screenshot)

In Google Calendar, the event is at 1:30pm PST, and in Zoom it is showing up as 9:30pm (8 hours later) PST.


Hey @Jason_Jason,

Thank you for reporting this. It seems like there is a bug with the node. I tried the same with the different timezones and I faced a similar issue. One thing that I noticed was that when creating a meeting without the timezone option, Zoom created the meeting correctly, but displayed the wrong timezone in the response. I will investigate it further and keep you updated.

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Got fixed.


Awesome, thanks. I tried to update it in docker, and I think it worked. The version in help:about is 0.156.0. And It is still bugging for me. I’m pretty new to docker and n8n, so I may not have updated it properly. Help?

@Jason_Jason the fix put in has not yet been merged into the main code and released.

Normally what will happen is when it is released someone will pop a reply in here to say it is released and give a version.

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