Zulip node can not update user for "is_guest"

I tested zulip node with option update user for is_guest, but it seems failed.

  "nodes": [
      "parameters": {
        "resource": "user",
        "operation": "update",
        "userId": "={{$node[\"Find contact\"].json[\"app_user_id\"]}}",
        "additionalFields": {
          "isGuest": true
      "name": "Guest role",
      "type": "n8n-nodes-base.zulip",
      "typeVersion": 1,
      "position": [
      "credentials": {
        "zulipApi": "Zulip - working24.net"
  "connections": {}

Hey @cmdntd987,

Did you get an error? If yes, can you please share what error you received? I am changing this to a question since it seems more of a bug than a feature request :slight_smile:

It just says “success”, but test member still is “member”
This is my test:

Thanks for sharing the information. It does seem like a bug. I am assigning this to @RicardoE105.

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Thanks. And I do not see where to post bug topic in this forum like before?

It looks like is_admin ad is_guess were replace with role

Could we change boolean option by a value field?
It seems set by value is more flexible and more safe for next upgrade from zulip

Sadly not. The solution is to add the role parameter.

Could I wait for next upgrade of this node?

Got added. However, I could not test it because I kept getting permission issues. It’s probably something with my setup. Can you please and confirm that it works?

Yes, I will test it when upgraded.
Thank you very much.

We cannot merge to master until it is adequately tested. Either you test it locally and let me know, or provide me with test credentials (privately) so that I can test it.

How could I update this branch for n8n?

That depends. How are you running n8n?

I am running on docker, manage by portainer
Database: SQLite

As mentioned on the GitHub issue did I create the docker image n8nio/n8n:PR-2336-feature-zulip-extended which contains the code of the PR that it can be tested.

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It does not work, still success without “is_guest”
I do not know why it said error with credentials when notify “success”

This is log from portainer

  cause: Error: Node does not have any credentials set!
      at new NodeOperationError (/data/packages/workflow/src/NodeErrors.ts:207:12)
      at getCredentials (/data/packages/core/src/NodeExecuteFunctions.ts:943:11)
      at Object.getCredentials (/data/packages/core/src/NodeExecuteFunctions.ts:1801:12)
      at Object.zulipApiRequest (/data/packages/nodes-base/nodes/Zulip/GenericFunctions.ts:18:33)
      at Object.getUsers (/data/packages/nodes-base/nodes/Zulip/Zulip.node.ts:135:47)
      at LoadNodeParameterOptions.getOptions (/data/packages/core/src/LoadNodeParameterOptions.ts:123:51)
      at /data/packages/cli/src/Server.ts:1101:30
      at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
      at /data/packages/cli/src/ResponseHelper.ts:144:17,
  node: {
    parameters: {
      resource: 'message',
      operation: 'sendPrivate',
      to: '',
      content: ''
    name: 'Temp-Node',
    type: 'n8n-nodes-base.zulip',
    typeVersion: 1,
    position: [ 0, 0 ]
  timestamp: 1634741466535



Did you try the role parameter?

Nope. How could I do it for update user option?

Hi, Could you test to complete this issue, please?