0.234.0 - dynamic credential not working

  • I had a problem in version 0.233.1 where when a postgres node returned empty, I couldn’t access previous data, even checking the “Always Output Data” option, so I didn’t realize that the 0.234.0 update made it impossible downgrade, and updated.

  • now I have problem that:

    • using the “Basic Auth” credential type, the http request node does not work if the credential is dynamic, in this case an expression instead of being fixed, to confirm the bug I tested the same credential that I received dynamically and set it static (fixed ) and it works perfectly.

now I’m stuck, unable to downgrade and version 0.235.0 also has the same error.

I use N8N in docker.

Hey @admdiegolima,

I have just given this a quick go and for me it is working in a quick test, I have created a generic Basic auth credential that looks like this…

Then in my workflow I have added a Set node before my HTTP Request node that sets a username and sets the password to the workflow execution id so it is something that changes.

Now in my test http request node I am just firing the request off to webhook.site to see what the value is and I can see there that they are being set correctly.

Below is my test workflow and the results can be seen here, Can you give the same thing a go and see if you get the same issue like this?

I did some tests here, and it still didn’t work, I stopped to analyze what we’re doing differently, and I found a way that works, but it’s not ideal for me.

you pulled the information in the json of the input data this way it works:
user: {{ $json[“DNS EVO”] }}
pass: {{ $json[“Token API EVO”] }}

if you look for credentials in a node, it doesn’t work.


user: {{ $(‘Token Academia’).item.json[“DNS EVO”] }}
pass: {{ $(‘Token Academia’).item.json[“Token API EVO”] }}

Captura de Tela 2023-06-29 às 14.44.28

Hey @admdiegolima,

I will give that a go in the morning and see if it works, it could be that the credential doesn’t know what the node is to get the data from if that is the case you could work around it by using a merge node to bring your credential to the node before you need it.

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Hi, did you manage to take a look? I still have the same problem

Hey @admdiegolima,

I had forgotten about this, It looks like it only works when the credentials are in the node before it.

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