0.67.0 - Broken Deployments

Hi There,

The latest release doesn’t seem to honor the env var DB_POSTGRESDB_SCHEMA any more. I haven’t found anything about it in breaking changes or release notes. My tables are created in the public schema.

Please advise.


Defining version 0.66.0 explicitly solves the issue. I’ll investigate further tomorrow but it’d be great if someone could point me to the official release notes & breaking changes of 0.67.0.

The breaking changes can be found here:

This version is actually the one with the most breaking changes but was not aware of that issue. Will investigate and try to fix asap. Very sorry!

Sorry @irichter took a little bit longer. After I fixed the issue the build did not work and it took me a while to figure out that not I am the problem, more an underlying package (“tslib”) which broke is. For that reason also bugfix version 2 not 1. So please check with [email protected].

It is possible that you also have to delete the migrations-table in the database first, in case one exists.

Thanks @jan for the quick resolution. I’ve checked with version 0.67.2 (latest) and the tables are created in the correct schema now.

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