A post of gratitude

I just wanted to post to say thank you to the n8n community, in particular @RicardoE105 @MutedJam @jan and @David_Go

I discovered n8n perhaps a month ago, was completely overwhelmed and had no idea how to use the tool. I did the beginners course and promptly took an automation WAY beyond my skill level.

But with the unbelievably fast, super useful and insightful support from this community, particular the people mentioned, I have the workflow working, and several more.

Some of the functions that were written for me were complex and must have taken a good while to write and test, and without which my workflow would not have worked.

Thank you n8n community.


Thanks a lot @Robm for that post! Is really appreciated.

Great to hear that we all could help you with your problems and unblock you. By doing things beyond our skill levels we learn the fastest, and that is what we are here to support our users with. We are also working hard on more courses and making the product easier to use, so removing potential blockers early to improve the joy of using n8n.

Great to have you with us!

Hope we are able to keep on supporting with even more complex automations moving forward! Have fun!


@Robm Thanks for your kind words! Iā€™m glad that I could play a part in helping you get started with your n8n journey.