A question about licence

Hi guys,
great work!!!
One question.
Suppose someone want integrate this product in a CRM, I mean not with a CRM but inside a CRM, is it possible than sell CRM with a fork of n8n integrate?
It seems possibile reading here: https://faircode.io/
Someone can confirm?

Welcome to the community @Simone!

If the CRM gets offered totally for free that will not be a problem at all.
If people get charged for it then not. That is exactly what faircode got created for. The idea is that everybody can use the full product totally for free but if people make money with it they have to get a license. I hope that helps.

Thanks for answer, I was confused becouse reading here:
where is possibile
Thanks and good luck for this great project!

Yes, agree their website is not really doing an amazing job. Is kind of confusing on the one hand by forbidding something and on the one hand seeming to open up a door again somewhere else.
In conversations with our licensing lawyer is it also partly a grey area where then a court would have to decide how things get interpreted and if a specific use case would be allowed or not.

But if you are interested in licensing n8n simply reach out. We are partnering up with multiple companies right now to do exactly that. We always try to find a fair deal which makes sense for both sides and all win.
Our partners have a new feature, we are being able to put that money they pay us back into the product and so improve it and our partners so get in return again a better product over time.

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Thanks you for answer, we are just “looking around”, if interested in future I will contact you! Thanks for answer.

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