A question on JIra Get Issue node

I want to use Get issue Jira node , I have the issue keys coming from previous node . What I want to know is can we add a condition to this node where in it should fetch an issue only when the status is “New”?
The reason I am asking is I have more than 10000 issues that come in previous node , where as we are concerned only when the status of that issue is New in Jira , currently I am using IF filter to perform same , but the issue being in Get Issue Jira node takes extremely long to fetch 10K issues , so if we can filter only ones with sttaus New , hoping it will be faster?
@Jon , Please suggest

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hi @Siya :wave: It doesn’t look like this kind of filtering is supported on the API endpoint for getting a singular issue, so that’s why they wouldn’t be available here.

You should however be able to use JQL in the “Get Many” node - something like created >= -7d AND issuekey not in issueHistory() would return all of the issues that have been created in the last seven days and haven’t been added to your Issue History yet. You can add that under “Options” like this:

If that doesn’t work for you, would you perhaps consider using the Jira trigger instead, as that can kick off a workflow on an issue being created? :+1:

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