A tool Lowcoder is working to integrate n8n in their tool

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Today while I was checking Discord I came across this message posted by the Lead developer cum owner of the product Lowcoder.

What is going on next to that these days is a small but big “surprise”. Apps in Lowcoder in fact are “singular Application Screens”. But any true Application needs multiple Application Screens and workflow capabilities.

Instead of putting development effort for half of a year to develop a small workflow solution inside Lowcoder, we decided to make use of n8n instead. It is free to use and also allowed to self-host for business. In n8n we will have a Lowcoder-Node. This node will represent a Lowcoder Module at the beginning. Input and Output as also Method and Event can get used then as wired part of a n8n Workflow.

This is relevant, since it allows you then to access hundreds of datasources and triggers, as also to build fully visual workflows.

In a future state (2024) we will then integrate n8n fully into Lowcoder, so you would not need 2 interfaces next to each other.

This is inspiring news…and worth watching as it progresses!!!

Here is the link to original post.


That is a killer combination


Sounds interesting, I had not heard of Lowcoder before. I wonder what the full integration will look like.

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This is a new entrant in the low-code landscape.

Personally I am interested in learning how he is going to add Lowcoder-Node to n8n.

It will probably be a community node to start with or something they bundle with their hosted version of n8n.

We have published the Lowcoder Community Node.

The basic principle is easy. You can place (one or many) Lowcoder Nodes in your n8n Workflow and name a Lowcoder App on it, which is then represented by the Lowcoder node. The Workflow will reach the Node and stops / wait then here. The Lowcoder App can resume the Workflow Execution by a special Webhook.

We will extend the Lowcoder node further to have a better way to retrieve current data, which can be done currently by the standard n8n API.

In our plans we will aim for a deeper integration with n8n and hope to be able to see it in the future as an integrated part of the UI, even increasing the usability.

However, as for now, the possibilities are already impressive and we see Lowcoder & n8n a perfect duo.