Ability to build web app with n8n?

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Can we build web applications with n8n probably?
Has any discussion anywhere that I study about?

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Can you please elaborate what you exactly and what you have planned.

I want to create platform where in some user could sell their unusable things (or anything) and others that want them could buy it.
I could create such platform by n8n+telegram bot+google sheets (back end+foreground+database), Now I want to know could I use service that I could such platform as a web application on one domain instead as a bot on telegram?

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I believe that n8n has a so power to be as a background platform for skilled developers and specially for someone like me that not know coding. (A special programming language)

I love n8n, because I have forgotten that I don’t know a special programming language.
I think if we (I’m sorry, you) could add ability like sailsjs and treeline to n8n, perhaps we could build many usable web apps.

I hope so.

Yes, n8n can already be used that way (as a backend) and gets used like that. Each workflow acts then as a REST-Endpoint. So no additional functionality is needed there. What can you currently not do that you think would be needed?

As frontend for that website, you could check out: https://webflow.com/


One of the things that I had on my radar was to build a n8n automated website using Caddy. I was wanting to build it as an option to the RPi system I have and then create the nodes around managing it.

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unfortunately because of my bad experience in flowxo.com for having so many bad speed in connection or run some command I prefer to use service that I could use them on self host (and absolutely because I live in Iran the cost is so important for me, Unfortunately 12$ per month is so expensive for me).

as you understand I try to create a website that I could use n8n for background. You tell true I am trying to find service for foreground.

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It seems that Caddy is so useful, but unfortunately I know less coding. the advantage of n8n is I could search I want and then pipe it, n8n is so intelligent, beautiful and amazing platform that not only has designed for skilled developer but also is great for lovers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@mooghermez Webflow also has a free plan. Maybe that could be interesting. Apart from that you could check out other ones like wix.com .

If none of them is interesting you could maybe simply use Wordpress in combination with https://elementor.com/ which you could self-host.

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