About Cloud plans 60000 executions limit

The cloud plans do not propose more than 60000 executions/month .

And in the FAQ regarding more than 60000 execution on https://www.n8n.cloud ,
the answer is that the product needs to be customized .

My question does the foss product (on premise) need customization to handle more than 60000 executions ?

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Hey @Epo_Jemba,

The on prem install would be fine, I suspect it refers more to a dedicated cloud instance would be needed rather than n8n would need to be changed.

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Exactly. Also more than 60k executions are theoretically no problem on cloud (could be multiple millions) but it would then be important to understand what the executions do and how long they run. The same for self-hosted. After all does it make a big difference if it runs 500 ms and does one HTTP call or it runs 3 minutes each and does some heavy calculations.


Thank you both !

So no real physical threshold !!

@jan default generic monitoring is really a subject on our futur self-hosted solution.
I mean a dashboard with default useful metrics regarding any executions so workflow designer may fix some internals