About EE files in the repository

Hi Jan,
I want to use n8n for internal purposes of my company, so I will self-host n8n but before that I have read your License file and it mentions that “All EE files are under Enterprise License”. In that case should I have to “REMOVE ALL EE FILES” and build the n8n-custom image and deploy into my server?

Hey @RaviTeja_Karri,

Welcome to the community :tada:

You can self host n8n to use it internally but you can’t bypass the requirements to enable or access features behind the enterprise license.

So, in that case I don’t need to remove EE files right?

And Can I change the UI of n8n?

Hey @RaviTeja_Karri,

There is no need to remove the files and it will probably cause issues if you did, Typically changing the UI of n8n falls under the embed option (White labelling | n8n Docs). If you are running your own n8n instance just for internal purposes it may be ok, I would drop an email to [email protected] for further clarification.