Access data from another workflow


I have an OAUTH token from the current flow that I need to pass to the child workflow. Can you please suggest how I can achieve that?

New bee…appreciate your assistance.

Welcome to the community @dsuresh!

Probably using the Execute Workflow-Node would be the best for this. Here another discussion about passing data:

Thank you somuch for quick response. Appreciate your work on the tool. I love it. Your answer to the earlier thread helped me resolve the issue.

I wish there is a cheat sheet for these type of issues. I had to spend lot of time to dig out merge, and now this set node.

But love the tool.

Great to hear that it helped!

Sorry sadly something like that does currently not exist. Really just a combination of checking the forum and the documentation.

Hey @dsuresh,

Your idea of a cheat sheet is interesting. Could you maybe explain a bit more about what you think it would be like, the format, the type of information it would provide, etc.?

Not sure if cheat sheet related, but it will be helpful if some sample codes are provided in next nodes:

  • How to change data set in a “Function” step.
  • How to change data set in a “Function Item” step.

I tested a lot to compose required headers and rows when reading excels.

Couple of issues I faced, you can take this as an example.

How to do? Resolution
Debug subworkflows

   For manual run workflows are not saved. By changing settings to save manual runs, one could go under executions and debug issue

Like this we could expand

Pass data to subflow

Use set node and give directions how to access data.

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