Access shared mailbox / group mailbox via Outlook node

Is it generally possible to access group mailbox folders via the outlook node?

I tried “Folder” → “From List” → the group mailboxes I have access to are not listed
I tried copying the URL of a group folder, but it is not accepted.

“Normal” mailboxes which are assigned to my user, are working.

Hi @alexm :wave:

I had a look through their API - You’d probably need to use the HTTP Request node instead of the Outlook node to do this. To get a group’s mails, you can use GET /groups/{id}/conversations/{id} endpoint and you can retrieve mail as a conversation. However you cannot use $value with this API like you could with non-group mails to get MIME content (non-ASCII text or attachments) :bowing_man: The API documentation I pulled this from is here: List messages - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn


Thanks a lot. I found that during the signin there is a checkbox “Shared mailbox” and I also realized that I need a shared mailbox, not really a group. So when I unter the name of the shared mailbox in the sign in as principal ID, I get access to what I need.


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