Accessing AWS resource using IAM roles


Quick question, is it possible to use AWS nodes on N8N using IAM roles instead of passing in access key and secert keys ?

In my Org, creating IAM access key and secert key is prohibited, instead I can do a assume role to an instance where the N8N is running and access the resources. I would like to know how can I use the AWS nodes on N8N by passing in the assume role name instead of keys ?

Hey @Sathya_Narayanan,

I am not that clued up when it comes to AWS options but when you assume a role what are you using to authenticate with? At the moment the node only supports access key and secret key but this could be a feature request if it is something the AWS API supports.

@Jon this is the link to AWS assume role assume-role — AWS CLI 1.27.135 Command Reference

Any update on this ? has any one used the session token to access AWS resources with out giving the access/secret key

Hey @Sathya_Narayanan,

We still only support the access / secret key feature, Does the API support using a session token?