Accessing the internal sqlite storage

I have seen in one of the blog saying that n8n is internally using sqlite for storing the workflow and its execution data.
I Just want to know is it possible to access that sqlite db for creating few tables for my workflow? and for the subsequent execution i will read that table data too.
Is this possible in n8n?

Welcome to the community @Bhuvi!

No that is currently sadly not possible as we do not have a SQLite node. In this case it would be better to use Postgres as a database for now.

Hi Jan, Thanks for the quick reply.
So you meant to say like i have to use the available database node(Postgress,mySQl or MsSql) to save the required data in table and access the sameā€¦

instead of that is there any way to have local storage in n8n itself for creating and accessing few tables?

No there is sadly nothing like that. The only other thing you could do is to save the data in files locally. But if that is an option or makes sense really depends on your exact use case.

thanks for the quick reply Jan.

Hey @Bhuvi!

One of the important concepts within both computing and development is the separation of data. For example, I typically will want to separate by system configuration data from my user data. This makes things easier in the long run.

So, what I would suggest you do in your instance is to either user one of the database integrations (either MSSQL or MySQL). Or, if setting up a full database is overkill for your project, you could always save it in a text file (e.g. XML).

ok thanks Jan for the reply. i will choose the second option which suits for my project.