ActiveCampaign Trigger node Documentation

Does anyone know where can I find a documentation from ActiveCampaign Trigger node with all options explained?

In the link ActiveCampaign Trigger - n8n Documentation it’s only shows that we must Select ‘account_add’ from the Events dropdown list and Select ‘Admin’ from the Source dropdown list.
And the other options?

I’ve used inadvertently another option and I’ve noted a strange behavior from this node. So I’d like to understand what could be occurred.

Hi @czibordi, can you elaborate a bit on the strange behaviour you have encountered? Behind the scenes n8n would simply use Active Campaign’s API to register a new webhook with Active Campaign using your settings. So, the options offered by their API (and thus the node) would be documented by Active Campaign over here: Webhooks

Hi MutedJam,

I had created 3 differents Active Campaign webhooks using Event Names as a Subscriber and Source as Public. With theses parameters for any subscription that arrived in Active Campaign the 3 wehooks were fired without any configuration in Active Campaign

After that I changed these parameters for Event Names as a account_add and Source as Admin and then it was normalized without fire webhook without an automation for example.

So, I could understand a bit more what ia any parameters and why occured this behavior

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Glad to hear you managed to dig a bit deeper into this. Tbh I am not 100% sure which Active Campaign event would be triggered under which circumstances as I don’t use their service. This would be something to check directly with them, n8n relies solely on the webhooks it’s getting from Active Campaign.

That said, even if you’re 100% sure about the settings, on the documentation page they do mention that “you may receive a webhook event more than once”. So, some duplicates would be expected from the looks of it.