Add a column in json automatically

How can I add one more column in json returned by HTTP request?

Hey @Ose_Verma,

You might be able to use a set node but it really depends on what you are actually trying to do, Do you have an example maybe of what you are getting and what you expect the output to be?

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FYI @Ose_Verma the “Set” node referenced has been renamed to “Edit Fields” in more recent versions of n8n.

Hey @Ose_Verma
like @Jon already said, the easiest option is a Set node after your HTTP Request Node.

In my example we get a joke from the jokes API and I am adding the field new_field with the Set Node.

You’ll see the output of the http node and the output of the set node in the following picture. Keep in mind that you need to set Include in Output to All Input Fields in the Set Node. It is also marked in the picture.



Thank you! This too works.


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