Add AWS RDS in N8N Dockerfile

Can you please help me how can i include AWS RDS in n8n docker file which you have provided on your github repo and to build an image out of it

AWS RDS it’s the name of the service. With this service, you can deploy multiple relational databases - PostgresSQL, MySQL, etc. Hence, you do not connect n8n to AWS RDS, but to the databases it deploys. Yet, you have to keep in mind that n8n does not support all databases AWS RDS deploy. But, n8n supports the most important ones (in my opinion).

If case you are using PostgreSQL, you can use the docker-compose below. Modifying the docker-compose to use MySQL should be simple.

It is worth noting that the example compose file there includes a Postgres docker image which you don’t need. You would only need the n8n service from the compose file along with the Postgres environment options.


You can find the available options here: Databases | Docs

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Thanks that works and updated my image