Add choose Telegram API address

Hello everyone I have the following problem.
My server is located in Russia, where Telegram is blocked.

To bypass the block, there is a way to raise your Nginx server (or docker) - for example, here

It uses a telegram proxy to bypass blocking.

But I don’t have the option to choose which server to use for connection right now. By default, it is used

I would like to be able to select or enter a server to connect to Telegram.

Then we can use our proxy servers to work properly and bypass service blocks.

hm, can see how that can be needed (esp. for you) but honestly do not want to add features for every edge case and so make things unnecessarily more complicated/confusing for all others (at least not if I can avoid it somehow). So I wonder if it would not be better and easier if you would simply add an entry to your /etc/hosts file. With an entry there you can tell your host to resolve to whatever you want it to. It should be very simple to do and would not require any code changes at all.

Please can I add support for the telegram proxy server? Telegram itself officially supports this. I couldn’t set it up :frowning:

Sorry, do not understand. The Telegram-API officially supports proxy-servers? Can not understand right how that would work for a REST-API. Maybe you mean some kind of SDK they offer support that?

Adding an entry to your /etc/hosts/ did not work?

Yes, I need help here.
As I understand it, you offer the following solution
Change /etc/hosts/ and put another host there for the telegram api.
Next, I will need to accept the request on another hosting and redirect it to the telegram api. Right?

Exactly. As I understand it you already have that other host which redirects it to the Telegram Server.

Unfortunately no, I purchased an inexpensive server, I wanted to make proxy requests. But my knowledge was not enough :frowning:

Ah ok. But I still do not totally understand the issue. Where are you running n8n? Locally or on a server? Can you not just run n8n on that inexpensive server? There are so many cheap ones out there where telegram is for sure not blocked and then there would be no need for a proxy.

Good idea, maybe you can recommend one?

The simplest are probably:

Soonish our hosted-version will also make that easier.