Add Company Owner by ID (Hubspot)

Hello Community,

Can someone clarify for me how can I add a Company Owner by ID ?


As in the picutre attached I’m usig expression and parsing the ID of the Owner, but it doesn’t work…

Hey @TheG,

Do you get any errors when trying?

hello @Jon

Hey @TheG,

That is perfect so Hubspot is saying the value is not valid, What type of data does SDR Owner normally expect is it meant to be a number, a string or something else?

The hubspot SDR owner ID is a number, it should be a number so

What happens if you don’t use an expression and just type in the number manually?

@Jon same it bugs, the only option that works is to select an owner from the dropdown list, but it appeared only few times

Hey @TheG,

If you select a company owner then toggle to an expression do you see the same value? It could be that Hubspot is expecting a certain data type for that field in their API so it would be a case of working that out then we will know what needs to happen.

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