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Hello everyone,

In my workflow, I get all the Salesforce leads and then I’d like to add the following condition:

If the lead creation date === Today - 2

Now I’m blocking on the addition of today’s date, someone will have the solution by chance?

Thank you in advance, have a good day!

You can use this workflow to get today’s date:


Thank you very much, but in the end I need it in an Item function, do you know how to adapt it?

Thank you in advance

Hey @albaninho,

There are a couple of options when it comes to date functions, One thing you could do is use the Date & Time node to subtract 2 days from today. You can use the expression {{new Date()}} to get todays date, The node would look like this.

A quick tip to quickly use the expression you can just put ={{new Date()}} into the Date Value field. Once this is done you can then use the output in this case the data field in your next node (or later nodes).

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So many ways to do such a simple thing : )
Since the question was on for form for some reason my mind automatically assumed there was no node that solved this issue, sometimes we just overthink the problem so much even when the node was right there :slight_smile:
@jon Thanks for leading us both back on track, solve such a question with the simple answer " There is a node for that"

( iPhone 3g Commercial “There’s An App For That” 2009)

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