Add new app to n8n (self hosted)

I want to connect hubspot to a specialized linkedin based crm called breakcold.

The API documentation is present (Introduction) nevertheless I don’t have the closes know-how to what it means and how to make it an app (or is it called node).

Basically I just want to get new contacts added in hubspot over to breakcold. Any guidance or help in making an app/node for breakcold would be much appreciated.

Hi @anilerkan, if you want to build a full blown node you could start with this video tutorial recorded last year:

This is a lot of work though and probably not necessary based on what you have described:

I just want to get new contacts added in hubspot over to breakcold

I reckon these contacts would be leads? It looks like that’s needed is the request described here: Create a lead

So essentially a POST request to with an x-api-key header containing your actual API key plus all the fields you want to set. This should work fine with the HTTP Request node in n8n. Perhaps you want to give the below workflow a go? Make sure to add your actual API token to the respective header field.

Once that’s working you could remove the secret API key from the node itself and instead save it as a credential so you can re-use it.

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i would just study the API docs and use the HTTP node.

id remove that API key if i was you and reset it.

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you mean the one in http request node?

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yeah dont want people taking it and abusing it, your api key is like a password, dont share it publicly.

I deleted the api key

Here are my questions for the below process

1- Everytime the workflow brings allcontacts not just new ones.
2- I cant get the custom fields. Anubody have an idea?

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