Add new feature to Switch node

Hello! I hope you’re doing well

I wanted to ask you if it is possible to add more routing rules options to the switch node
since at the moment we only have:

  • Boolean
    • Equal
    • Not Equal
  • Number
    • Smaller
    • Smaller Equal
    • Equal
    • Not Equal
    • Larger
    • Larger Equal
  • String
    • Contains
    • Equal
    • Not Contains
    • Not Equal
    • Regex

I think, as an improvement, the following routing rules would be of use:

  • Has key
  • is between
  • is null
  • is not null
  • is of type
  • is empty
  • is not empty
  • head
  • index between
  • tail
  • JSONata expresion

My use case:

For example, if I have a flow that receives a value from an endpoint and I want to easily determine if that value is empty, I could use the “is empty” matching rule to process this information.


Hi @MatyVar

Welcome to the community!

Don’t forget to vote yourself. :slight_smile:
It’s always nice to have more options of course.

Hi @BramKn! thank you!! I want to ask if there is any news about my suggestion, greetings!

Hi @MatyVar

Sorry not sure what you are expecting of me?

Hi @BramKn ! sorry, I’m new to the community and didn’t quite understand how it works. I wanted to check how I can see the status of my request, more than anything to know if it will be considered :slight_smile: sorry for the inconvenience


Hi @MatyVar

No worries, was just confused with your message.
I have no Insight into that. As I am not part of the n8n team. :wink:

Hi @Jon ! how are you? i want to ask if you can help me with this feature request :slight_smile:


Hey @MatyVar,

We typically base new features on the amount of votes a feature has from the community, This request is not something that I have seen anyone mention internally yet but it looks like some of those options would make sense to add.

I suspect some of this will happen but it is likely to be something that would happen in months rather than days or weeks.

Hi @Jon Jon! ok! understood, thanks!!!

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