Add simple custom nodes - n8n-node-dev is not working


I try to add a very simple (transformation) node to n8n. For this, i have tried to follow his tutorial:

I have read that with this tool it should be possible to compile just one file and place it inside a folder called “custom” within n8n. This is the approach i try to follow, since my production n8n is running using docker and docker-compose.yml. I would like to expose the cusom folder to the host and just place my single file in there to have my custom node available.

I do the following:

n8n-node-dev new
n8n-node-dev build

I got this error message:

n8n-node-dev build       

Build credentials and nodes
GOT ERROR: "Cannot find module 'n8n-node-dev/src'

Please share your workflow

Information on your n8n setup

Thanks for your help

Hi @swissbyte, welcome to the community!

I am sorry you’re having trouble. This isn’t a tutorial provided by n8n, perhaps you want to check out the official documentation at Creating nodes | n8n Docs instead?

If you run into any trouble with this example I am sure @marcus from our node engineering team will be happy to help :slight_smile:

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